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Your hammock is hand woven from cotton and nylon- it takes 5 days to weave one hammock!

Care and Usage of your Mexican Hammock

  • Always pick your hammock up by the ends to avoid tangles
  • You may lay in your hammock in any direction, but diagonally is the Mexican way
  • Do not stretch your hammock too straight, allow for a nice curve- the bottom of the curve should be just above the knee for easy access.
  • Ideal distance from end to end of hammock is 2-3 metres; for less than 2-3 metres compensate by hanging hammock end higher. For further distance you may make up the difference with rope
  • Hammock can be hung with ropes, coach bolt hooks, or something similar
  • If using coach bolt hook, it is advisable to cut off a piece of hose, splice it down the middle and wrap around the hammock ends
  • To prolong the life of your hammock, it is advisable to bring it indoors when not in use
  • Hammock may be hand washed in cold water- however, ensure the nylon ends do not get tangled
  • If, and when, a cotton strand does break, it is advisable to tie the two ends together for longer life of hammock
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